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About Me

Certified Life Coach

I worked in a corporate environment for almost 15 years, firstly as a lawyer and then as a consultant. After reaching the point of burnout, I began to take care of my mental health. I had largely ignored this in the past. 

From the outside I'm sure it looked as though I had nothing to be worried or anxious about. However, the smallest things would irritate me. I found I wasn't getting the enjoyment from life events which I would have expected to. I felt tired and overwhelmed a lot of the time.

It was time to hit Pause. Something needed to change.

Fuelled by determination to find my inner peace, purpose and balance, I started to work with a Life Coach. I began to feel more free and my head felt as though it had space to think.

Sinead Turner

These days I believe that anything is possible. I made a life change and qualified as a certified Life Coach and work with clients to help them manage their minds so they can live their best and most fulsome life. My focus is helping clients to release what is holding them back so that they can help themselves.

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